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Lydia P. Abdullah

Lydia P. Abdullah

Director of the Office of
Diversity & Inclusion
Finance and Business

Key event in career

Serving as an Administrative Fellow under the Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations in 1989-90 forever changed my life–professionally and personally. It completely changed my view of Penn State's administration, and I realized just how hard they work to keep the University running efficiently and effectively.

How she expanded her
sphere of influence

Doing my job well with zero defects: this opens up so many doors. Building relationships with people in all levels of the organization: I try to get to know the total person and let them know that I care versus just looking for what they can do for me. Volunteering to be a part of University committees and spending a lot of time in community service by joining nonprofit boards: this was also crucial.

"Embrace being a woman in the workplace and use all of those special qualities we have as women: reconcilers, mediators, team players, healers, nurturers."