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Funding Requests


Guidelines for Organizations Applying for Funding from the Commission on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Equity

The Commission on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Equity (CLGBTQE) serves to improve the climate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender members of the Penn State community through examination of current policies and practices and through the initiation and promotion of initiatives that will result in a more equitable environment. Any funding received from the commission must be used to promote the mission and goals of the commission.

Requesters should read this document carefully and in its entirety. Included are:

(A) general expectations and requirements for funding requests
(B) examples of events recently funded by the CLGBTQE
(C) more specific expectations for distinct event types
(D) procedures following CLGBTQE funding approval

Should these guidelines fail to address any questions or concerns you may have, please contact CLGBTQE for clarification prior to submitting your request, if possible.

Section A: General expectations and requirements

    • Maximum funding request amount per academic year: $500
    • Deadline: Ongoing, though not less than six weeks prior to the event
    • Funding Request Submission Form
    • Contact for questions: Barbara Welshofer, Senior Diversity Planning Analyst, ()

The CLGBTQE will consider funding requests of all kinds, though it privileges requests that demonstrably and measurably contribute to:

    1. the examination of current policies and practices at Penn State and/or
    2. initiatives that will result in a more equitable environment at Penn State, per the commission’s mission statement. Requests for events with intersectional dimensions are welcome, though the LGBTQA emphasis of the event should be made explicit. It is the responsibility of the requesting person or organization to demonstrate sufficient relevance to the CLGBTQE’s mission, and requests may be denied without follow-up if they do not address this concern directly. Funding requests must be in accordance with Penn State policies. Additionally, CLGBTQE reserves the right to deny future funding indefinitely for any organization or individual failing to comply with ANY of the guidelines herein. Requests made six weeks (or more) in advance of the event will be given preference. No requests will be approved if received after the event date, under any circumstances.

All funding requests MUST include all of the following items (additional items may be necessary):

    • Name of organization, group, or Penn State campus
    • Name, campus address, email address, and phone number of primary contact person (responsible for receiving and responding to all CLGBTQE communications)
    • Date of event/project and name (actual or anticipated) of event/project
    • Description of the anticipated outcome of the event/project (indicating relevance to CLGBTQE’s mission statement and which campuses will be involved)
    • Amount of funding requested from CLGBTQE
    • Detailed description of how the requested funds will be used, including an itemized anticipated budget for the requested CLGBTQE funds (within the form or by attachment)
    • Total anticipated costs of the project/event
    • Any other potential funding sources sought, and the amounts requested and/or received from each
    • When necessary (for Penn State campus requests), name and email address of the financial officer who will process the funding transfer
    • When necessary (for registered student organization requests), name and ASA account number of the registered student organization
    • Additional details as described in Section C


CLGBTQE is likely to request further details (via the primary contact person) if the request is incomplete, insufficient, or otherwise unclear; requests for additional information should be resolved as quickly as possible to facilitate processing of the funding request.

CLGBTQE funding may be combined with funding from other sources, as long as those sources and amounts (requested or received) are reported in the request. Reporting additional funding sources will not hurt the requester’s chance for CLGBTQE funding. Please consider requesting additional funding from other relevant organizations, such as:


Repeat requests from a single person or organization are acceptable as long as the total funds awarded do not exceed the $500 maximum within the academic year.

Preference will be shown for requests that benefit all Penn State campus communities, by way of invitations, distribution, or broadcast efforts that will make the outcomes of the event/project available to Penn State campuses and University Park. In their request forms, requesters should describe anticipated efforts to engage multiple campuses.

Because available funds vary year-by-year, CLGBTQE reserves the right to limit the number of requests accepted or to deny requests due to insufficient funds at any point during the academic year.

The CLGBTQE reserves the right to accept requests either in whole or in part, as well as to fulfill requests at a lower amount than requested. In such cases, the requesting person or organization will be notified, and the requester has the option to accept or reject the adjusted (stipulated or reduced) amount.

Typically, requests are processed and the response is delivered within six weeks. If you have questions or concerns about an active request, contact Barbara Welshofer, Senior Diversity Planning Analyst, ().

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