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CLGBTQE 2014-15 Key Initiatives

Fund and Support LGBT Scholarship and Programs

  • Support student attendance at The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Annual Conference on LGBT Equality: "Creating Change," the largest annual gathering of activities, organizers, and leaders in the LGBT movement.
  • Support online course offerings for the Human Sexuality and Gender Studies Minor.
  • Partner with intercollegiate Athletics to promote the unveiling this fall of Penn State's video You Can Play for the national campaign.

Work for Vendor Equity

  • Work with the Office of Finance and Business to discuss ways to anticipate and avoid relations with companies whose rankings on LGBT equity are poor according to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's Workplace Equality Index.

Promote LGBT Health Care and Restroom Access Policies

  • Advance policy to establish restroom access according to an individual's gender identity.
  • Promote and support University health care services for transgender students.
  • Advocate for health care coverage of gender re-assignment surgery for University faculty and staff.

Support LGBT Contacts and Resources at all Campuses

  • Work with Student Affairs and other offices to identify, train, and connect individuals to help implement the recommendation by the Faculty Senate Committee on Educational Equity and Campus Environment (EECE) that there be liaisons on each campus to provide support and resources for LGBT persons and issues.

Build Community and Support for LGBT Students

  • Support ALLY House, a special living option for LGBTQA students.
  • Develop informational materials to distribute during Move-In Weekend.
  • Partner with the Office of Admissions to change the undergraduate application to add a transgender option for gender identity and the opportunity to request information about LGBT resources.

Advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Penn State

  • Participate on A Framework to Foster Diversity at Penn State review teams.
  • Partner with CORED and CFW to promote the inclusion of equity concerns in the General Education curriculum.
  • Partner with CORED and CFW to host an annual promotion and tenure symposium to address issues important to early tenure-line faculty from underrepresented groups.

updated 7/10/2014