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Giving to Educational Equity

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A description of scholarships in need of additional funding follows:

  • Educational Equity Fund gifts provide flexibility to be applied to the scholarships and programs that have the highest priority and need. Contributions to this fund may also be used for unexpected budgetary needs and will be administered by the Vice Provost for Educational Equity. Allocation code: XXTEE
  • African American Alumni Organization Scholarship was established in 2003 with initial contributions in 2003 as an endowed scholarship. However, due to the long term projections for completely endowing this scholarship, new gifts to this fund will be used primarily to make immediate awards to qualifying students whose backgrounds contribute to the diversity of the University with a preference for African American students. Allocation Code: XXXAI
  • Bunton-Waller Scholarships are designated for students who demonstrate and sustain a high level of academic achievement and whose gender or ethnic, cultural or national background contributes to the diversity of the student body. Mildred Settle Bunton (HH&D 1932) and Calvin Waller (AG SCI 1904) were the first African American female and male graduates of Penn State. Allocation Code: SXXB6
  • Class of 1958 Scholarship provides four scholarships each year for students who help to diversify the student body at Penn State. Additional gifts to this scholarship fund will enhance the value and or number of awards that can be made each year. Allocation Code: SXC58
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship is awarded each year to students who have demonstrated leadership characteristics and whose background will contribute to the diversity of the student body. Allocation Code: SXXKM
  • Lawrence Young Scholarship is awarded to a worthy student who has demonstrated high academic achievement, significant unmet financial need, and has demonstrated leadership characteristics with one of the Greek organizations within the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Allocation Code: SXXYL
  • Thelma “Mom” Price Scholarship will be awarded annually to students who have the highest level of unmet financial need while demonstrating commitment to academic achievement. Allocation Code: SXQPT
  • Office for Disability Services Scholarships are awarded annually to students with physical disabilities including (sight or hearing disabilities) or learning disabilities who also have significant unmet financial need. Allocation Code: XXQDS
  • Veterans Scholarships may be awarded to honorably discharged veterans of the U.S. armed forces who have demonstrated documented unmet financial need. Allocation Code: XXTVP

For descriptions of Educational Equity Student Success Programs and Precollege Access Programs in need of additional support, please follow these links.

Please complete and return your gift card today. If you did not receive a letter and gift card and would like to contribute, or if you have any questions, please contact Wil Del Pilar wzd107 or call 814-865-7698.