Academic Year 2018-2019

Results of the funded programs


ASPIRE Academic Year (Berks)

The intent of the ASPIRE Program (EOP) is to provide an effective method to support incoming students who are considered "at risk." Students in this category tend to be first generation, low income, ethnic minorities, as well as educationally disadvantaged. "At risk" students have lower retention and graduation rates when compared to their counterparts. Often as a result of poor prior educational experiences, these students are not adequately prepared for college level academics; specifically lacking the academic skills, knowledge, attitudes, and self-confidence necessary for college success. The majority of these students require developmental math and English courses, tutoring, guidance, and support especially during their first year—transitioning from high school to college. Providing an educational and social support network can assist "at risk" students in enhancing academic success, encouraging connection to the university, and improving retention rates.

Climate Improvement for Aerospace Engineering Women (University Park)

Our goal is to promote diverse participation, especially women, in STEM by offering a professional development workshop, seminars by women leaders, and company visits for aerospace women students. Rather than getting inspired (or intimidated) by superstars, the goal here is to develop healthy expectations and practical solutions for a sustainable and happy school and career life. Throughout the year, we will provide the forum where our women students can obtain knowledge, skills, and networks that will benefit them in the current climate: career/grad school preparation, existing challenges and solutions, on-campus resources, networking and negotiation skills . Last year, we focused the one-time workshop on professional development for graduate women. This year, based on its success, we are extending our scope to include undergraduate women and to host more events throughout the academic year.

Cross-Cultural Engagement & STEM Diversity Initiative (University Park)

The Cross-cultural Engagement and STEM Program is a 6-week summer study abroad program (May-June) in collaboration with Peru's Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria. The vision of the Diversity Initiative is to create an inclusive experience for PSU students, bringing together STEM and non-technical majors in a learning community. Students will develop global leadership skills through an interdisciplinary platform, analyzing the role of scientific knowledge in humanity. Participants collaborate on projects based around international development challenges and UN sustainability goals. The program will be led by PSU professors from diverse disciplines, including Spanish, and enriched by local Peruvian professors and students. Homestays and excursions with locals will foster intercultural competence and foreign language gains.

Global Engineering Fellows Diversity Initiative (University Park)

The goal of Global Engineering Fellows Program is to provide an opportunity for technically grounded, globally engaged students to build on their international experiences (of studying or interning abroad). The Fellows program is intended to prepare participants to enter the workforce with cross-cultural awareness and communication skills, poising them to become global leaders. Additionally, Fellows serve the College of Engineering by generating interest in global opportunities and helping to create meaningful connections between the College's international and domestic students.

Hispanic Outreach Program (Hershey)

Penn State College of Medicine Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion proposes to develop an academic year outreach program for Lebanon County Hispanic students who have been displaced from Puerto Rico. Students will be introduced to sciences that will prepare them for careers in both clinical and research medicine; participate in science fairs designed to enhance confidence, knowledge, and development; provided an opportunity to simulate life as a medical/allied health student, clinician, or researcher; assigned an Hispanic clinician or researcher as a mentor that will facilitate shadowing opportunities; and provide preparation for college, health career pathways for those who desire it. The program will run nine months beginning in September for up to 25 students between their sophomore and senior years. With an end of year banquet presentation for all senior participants and brief highlight updates for underclassmen.

"I'm First!": Identifying, Elevating and Celebrating Abington's First Gen Students Penn State Abington (Abington)

Penn State Abington will develop and implement "I'm First!" - a college-wide campaign to identify, elevate and celebrate our first generation college students, faculty and staff.

Jr. MANRRS (University Park)

Jr. MANRRS is the pre-college initiative for the National Society of Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS). By collaborating with this national organization, the College of Ag Sciences – Multicultural Affairs plans to re-start a chapter within the state of PA at WB Saul High School in Philadelphia. Penn State Jr. MANRRS chapter plans to strengthen Ag Sci interest, provide mentoring for high school students in Jr. MANRRS with college students, and develop a pipeline from WB Saul High School and others in the future, into Penn State and Ag Science majors.

Latino Cultural Arts Project (LCAP) (Berks)

The annual Latino Cultural Arts Project (LCAP) will deepen an understanding of global diversity and inclusion by building community connections and promoting positive change. By fostering interdisciplinary cultural integration, LCAP's goal is to nurture empathy among participants by sharing in the personal stories expressed in Latin American art, music, and literature. Student participation in performances, presentations, and workshops, will allow them to develop an understanding of societal and global issues, thus enabling them to play a role in community relations. LCAP enhances PSU Berks' commitment to diversity by welcoming the contributions and collaborations of their Latino neighbors in a continuous, visible fashion.

"Name It, Claim It, Aim It": Strengths Assessment in the Abington First Year Seminar (Abington)

Building on Abington's recent announcement it is one of the first PSU campuses to be designated a "Strengths-Based" campus by Gallup, we will integrate strengths assessment, interpretation and ongoing support into the new First Year Seminar, to facilitate the success of first-year students at Penn State's most diverse campus.

Online Intervention Style Quizzes (University Park)

Stand for State, Penn State's bystander intervention initiative, proposes to create two online "Buzzfeed" style personality quizzes online that will educate students, faculty, and staff on simple intervention tips when witnessing acts of bias and discrimination (Quiz 1), and sexual and relationship violence (Quiz 2). The online format enables the quiz to be utilized at all Penn State campuses, including World Campus. Its use can be promoted within classrooms, within student organizations and work units, and through individual social media use.

Promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through the Performing Arts Collaborative (University Park)

Our collaborative initiative is comprised of three (3) interrelated components – programmatic component, transformational student leadership development coaching component and a research study component. The programmatic component involves developing and delivering student engagement and community outreach programs around six (6) Center for the Performing Arts (CPA) at Penn State performances. Program participants – students, faculty, staff, alums and community members – attend performances and interact with artists on a personal level (e.g., talk back sessions, workshops, class visits), structured group discussions and focus groups. CPA performances are selected based on their potential to create cognitive dissonance and to promote dialogue, self-reflection and self-examination of individual beliefs, values and behaviors around issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion and civil discourse.

Student Academic Retention and Success Program (STARS) (Hazelton)

Penn State Hazleton proposes the continuation of a student retention program for the fall/spring semesters which mirrors many components of the invitation-only PSU Pathways to Success: Summer Start (PaSSS) program. This previously funded program mirrors the overall desired outcomes of the PaSSS program, which are: 1) Increased persistence from first to second year and second year to third year 2) Increased GPA 3) Increased graduation rate.

Women in Business Day 2018 (Behrend)

In our Women in Business Day program, local area female high school students will participate in sessions where they will: a) be introduced to different fields of business by female faculty; b) learn about career opportunities in business; and c) get excited about exploring careers in business.