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Diversity Strategic Planning


Since the implementation of the initial Framework in 1998, Penn State has made considerable strides toward building a truly diverse, inclusive, and equitable institution and in establishing an infrastructure to facilitate effective diversity planning, implementation, and reporting processes. Fostering diversity must be recognized as being at the heart of our institutional viability and vitality, a core value of the academic mission, and a priority of the institution. Currently, Penn State is merging its diversity strategic planning into its overall University strategic planning process in order to achieve greater strengths and synergies. Unit plans, including updates on diversity progress and plans for the upcoming planning cycle, will be submitted to the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment by July 1, 2014. The Office of the Vice Provost for Educational Equity will conduct a Fall 2014 review of diversity updates and plans.

Penn State receives Higher
Education Excellence in
Diversity Award [ See more ]




Quality Advocates Session/Best Practices in Strategic Planning Workshop:
“Diversity and Inclusion at Penn State: Where Are We Now and What’s Next?”
Findings from the University’s comprehensive external assessment of diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence goals and implementation, presented by Dr. Rona Halualani, Founder and Principal, Halualani & Associates (diversity research/analytics firm)


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