Framework to Foster Diversity and Diversity Strategic Planning Archive

Penn State was among the first universities to approach diversity goals via a strategic planning process and has been nationally recognized for its considerable strides toward building a truly diverse, inclusive, and equitable institution and for establishing an infrastructure to facilitate effective diversity planning, implementation, and reporting processes. Fostering diversity must be recognized as being at the heart of our institutional viability and vitality, a core value of the academic mission, and a priority of the institution.

Initially launched in 1998,  A Framework to Foster Diversity at Penn State has completed its third and last five-year cycle, and diversity strategic planning has now been merged into Penn State's overall strategic planning process, which includes the University Strategic Plan and unit strategic plans, all of which are available on the Office of Planning and Assessment website One of the greatest strengths of A Framework to Foster Diversity at Penn State is the comprehensive review process, begun in 2001. The 2014 Framework Review produced concise feedback reports for each of the University’s strategic planning units, evaluated best practices proposed by the units, and offered observations and recommendations regarding the University’s progress.