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MRC Leadership Council

MRC Student Leadership Council Group Image

Top Row: (L to R): Caitlyn Bertrand, cbb5611; Troy Turner, tzt5289; Najaé Thompson, nst4; Mauricio Rodriguez, mxr658. Bottom Row: (L to R): Jasmine Simpri, jcs6260; Jamir Barnes, jxb1250; Tim Benally, teb5312; Amor Henderson, amh7524

The Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) Leadership Council is a group of distinguished MRC students who serve in the multifaceted role of MRC ambassadors and student advocates. As ambassadors, the Council communicates the benefits of the MRC to multicultural students at University Park, connects students to the MRC community, and works toward building a stronger community through events, information, and opportunities for interaction.

As student advocates and MRC partners, the Council provides feedback to the MRC staff about the perceived needs of Penn State multicultural students and guidance about effective outreach initiatives. Moreover, the Council provides leadership development programming to its members to enhance their educational assets.

For more information please contact the MRC Leadership Council facilitator:

Nkenji Clarke,