Each year, the MRC recognizes graduating seniors who excel in many educational and extracurricular activities. In addition, The MRC recognizes outstanding Penn State faculty and staff throughout Penn State who demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts beyond the responsibilities of their position.
The 2023 MRC Annual Recognition Awards Submissions are Now Closed. Please visit again in spring 2024.

Faculty/Staff Awards

The Faculty or Staff Diversity Award and John Romano Diversity Award recognize full-time Penn State faculty and staff who have consistently promoted multiculturalism and inclusion, and demonstrated concern for and sensitivity to the needs of multicultural students (above and beyond their job responsibilities).

Faculty and Staff Award Categories

  • Faculty and Staff Diversity Recognition Award - Awarded to a University Park faculty or staff member
  • John Romano Faculty and Staff Diversity Recognition Award – Awarded to a Commonwealth Campus faculty or staff member

Student Awards

Awarded to eligible undergraduate multicultural seniors and student organizations for helping to promote multiculturalism, equity, and inclusion. 

Students eligible to be nominated are undergraduate multicultural students who graduated in fall 2022, or who will graduate spring 2023 or summer 2023 from the University Park campus.

Academic Scholarship Award

Awarded to the student who has completed or is currently involved in working on a significant research project, a thesis or scholarly paper, presentation at a conference, or other scholarly work. This student must have a cumulative grade-point average of 3.00 or better as of the beginning of spring 2023.

Inspiring Student Leader Award

Awarded to the student who has kept a low profile and has toiled behind the scenes to make certain that student programs and organizations are successful. This student has taken the initiative, accepted and carried out responsibility, and completed a task without recognition.

Student Leadership Award

Awarded to the student who has provided outstanding leadership in activities (such as student government, social services, cultural development, etc.) at Penn State. This person has also been a spokesperson and role model for multicultural students.

Resilient Student Award

Awarded to the student who has demonstrated initiative, perseverance, and the ability to overcome significant obstacles in attaining her/his degree. This student has improved her/his grade-point average while progressing toward graduation.

Volunteer Service Award

Awarded to the student who has significantly contributed to campus and/or community service initiatives and who has made an important contribution as a volunteer in service organizations.

Student Organization Award

Awarded to the organization or group that has significantly promoted equity and inclusion, has supported multicultural students at the University, and has represented the University in a favorable light this year.

Past Awards Recipients