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Equal Opportunity Planning Committee

This website provides instructions for submitting funding proposals to the Equal Opportunity Planning Committee (EOPC) for diversity initiatives at Penn State. Only Penn State faculty and staff may submit EOPC proposals.

Although this website attempts to provide clear and explicit instructions for writing proposals, the proposal process involves some complex and detailed procedures. Most proposal writers need some assistance in understanding the process, and EOPC strongly recommends that proposal writers attend the EOPC proposal writing workshop, which is held each fall, to optimize their chances of writing good proposals. Also, EOPC encourages all proposal writers to contact Mike Blanco, staff support for EOPC, if they have any questions about the process or would like input on any portion of a proposal before it is submitted. To begin the proposal process, please access the various links in the left hand banner beginning with "Overview." The first three links after this page in the EOPC Directory to the left ("Overview," "Proposal Guidelines," and "Program Evaluations") are the key links that will guide you through the process. The rest of the links are also useful. Also, please see the sections below on this page for additional information.

Note: Significant changes to the proposal process are planned for this year so please do not begin the proposal writing process until you contact Mike Blanco (, 814-863-7890) and/or attend the training session mentioned immediately below.

2016-17 EOPC Proposal Writing Training

EOPC will conduct proposal writing training on Tuesday, September 13, 2016, from 3:30-4:30 p.m. in 112 Kern. Training will be Webcast and recorded via Media Site Live at this link. For those who view the Webcast live, you will be able to ask questions by clicking on the balloon icon  located on the top left of the screen above the live video box.

    EOPC Funded Programs for 2016-17

    List of Funded EOPC Programs

      A Framework to Foster Diversity at Penn State: 2010-15

      EOPC especially encourages faculty and staff to utilize EOPC funds to initiate programs that help meet the goals of their unit's diversity strategic plan that will be developed as part of A Framework to Foster Diversity at Penn State: 2010-15.

      Proposal writers should refer to their unit's Framework diversity strategic plan, available at this link,  and/or their unit's strategic plan, which they should be able to obtain from one of their administrative offices. Then, proposal writers should consult with appropriate faculty or staff on strategies that will significantly advance the goals of their plan. Proposals that fulfill this criterion will be stronger and more competitive in the proposal evaluation process.

      Additionally, proposal writers should read through the Best Practices that have emerged from the reviews of Framework updates. These practices can be used as a guide for implementing programs that will have the greatest impact on unit and University diversity goals. Finally, proposals that address Challenge Five, "Developing a Curriculum That Fosters Intercultural and International Competencies," are especially encouraged.

      Alternative Proposal Process
      In response to input from EOPC proposal writers, EOPC has developed an alternative proposal process to help simplify proposals and program evaluations. For programs that occur during the current funding cycle, EOPC will accept proposals that use the traditional or alternative process. If you prefer to use the traditional process, proceed to the "EOPC Web Proposal Materials" section near the bottom of this page and follow the process outlined there. If you choose to use the alternative process, please click on the link immediately below:

      Instructions for using the Alternative Proposal Process.

      Proposal Writing Tips
      The most competitive EOPC proposals are those that demonstrate incisive thinking, careful planning, and excellent program administration. Excellent ideas and programs may not be funded if proposal writers do not effectively communicate their goals, objectives, approaches, and outcomes to EOPC. Below are tips for writing good EOPC proposals and evaluations. Implementing the following points will make your proposal more competitive. Before you develop an EOPC proposal, please read through these Tips for Writing Good EOPC Proposals. Another resource that will assist in developing high-quality proposals are the Instructions for EOPC Reviewers.  Although this document was developed for reviewers of EOPC programs and program evaluations, but looking at the document, proposal writers can get a better idea of what EOPC review teams are looking for and can thus write better proposals.

      EOPC Listserve
      EOPC has developed a listserve for those individuals who are interested in receiving updates on EOPC activities (i.e., proposal deadlines, updates on funded programs, training schedules, etc.). If you are interested in being on this listserve, please contact Mike Blanco.

      EOPC Web Proposal Materials
      Only use the Web materials found in the directory section or in the navigation bar at the top of this page to submit EOPC proposals. Materials used to submit proposals from previous years may not be accepted.


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