Post Award

This page contains important information and helpful resources that are intended to support award recipients.

Resources for EOPC funded programs

Congratulations on receiving EOPC funding! Here we have outlined expectations of EOPC recipients as well as provided resources and links to support your EOPC program. You will also find resources and information for all EOPC funded programs. EOPC has created marketing materials that can be used on EOPC program advertising and marketing. All EOPC funded programs must complete a program evaluation. You can access information for how to submit an EOPC program evaluation, view the evaluation materials, and access the link to the evaluation form as well as any attachments you will be required to upload.

Here are a few expectations of EOPC seed grant recipients:

  • In order to receive funding, all conditions outlined in the funding notification letter must be met and approved.
  • EOPC requires that a program evaluation be submitted within eight weeks of the completion of your program. Click here to access the EOPC program evaluation. You will be asked to upload an assessment summary which can be found in the documents section of this page.
  • Any unused EOPC funds must be returned.   
  • All EOPC funded programs are expected to comply with all applicable University, state, and federal policies, regulations, and laws. Please visit the EOPC sponsorship requirements and funding guidelines. More information about AD91, the University’s anti-discrimination policy, as well as other University policies, can be found at the Universities Administrative policies web page.

Marketing materials & program evaluations