Resources for Faculty.

Multicultural Faculty Development Support Funds

Classroom Disruption Protocols:

Guideline for Faculty and Academic Units
The purpose of the Classroom Disruption Protocols is to offer a set of recommended protocols for the management of classroom challenges as they increasingly present at Penn State and other colleges across the nation. 

African/African American Identity Dialogue

The Contemporary African American Novel: Its Folk Roots and Modern Literary Branches

Africana Research Center

The mission of the ARC is to encourage and support research and scholarship on Africa and its Diaspora that will enhance the lives of persons of African descent in the United States and throughout the Diaspora, and serve as a catalyst for promoting an enabling environment where cultural production and discourse on diversity can be nurtured to advance the research, teaching, and outreach missions of Penn State.

Toward Racial Equity Roundtable

The Day After: Assessing the Post-Election State of the Nation [ Wednesday, November 4, 2021 ]

Professional Development Hints

Advice for Minority Professors on the Tenure Track
Dr. Blannie E. Bowen

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Perils and Necessity of Producing Innovative "Minority Focused" Scholarship
Dr. James B. Stewart

The Promotion and Tenure Process as an Exercise in Strategic Thinking
Dr. Joseph McCormick

Penn State's Faculty Diversification Efforts 

New Strategies to Strengthen Penn State's Faculty Diversification Efforts - [ September 2000 ]
For the foreseeable future these and other pressures are likely to intensify rather than abate. As a consequence, it is imperative that Penn State develop and implement new strategies to accelerate the pace
of faculty diversification.