My dad did some online college back in Philly, but I don’t think he ever finished the degree, and my mom didn’t go to college. My dad is extremely excited. He has been pushing this [going to college] all my life and to finally see it come to fruition, he is just ecstatic. Sometimes he can get on me about it because I may not seem all in, but he is really, really overjoyed about it. So, if I really wanted to get into giving credit to someone, it would probably be my dad for pushing me and motivating me. Everything we have been through from South Carolina to here, just seeing that and the struggles of life I didn’t really want to go through that [as an adult.] Obviously struggles do happen but I don’t want to face some of the struggles he has faced. Really reaching the next level and trying to elevate past that, I just want to provide for him when I get older. 

Aundrey is a 2023 graduate of Valley Jr-Sr High School where he was involved in Penn State Talent Search, NHS, Spanish Honors Society, and Varsity Basketball and Track and Field. Outside of school, Aundrey also worked front end at Walmart an average of 25 hours a week during the school year. A love of cars, engines, and the science of racing games lead Aundrey to decide on someday becoming a mechanical engineer at the age of 13. This fall, he will be attending Penn State University Park where he has received over $30,000 in aid, including the Bunton-Waller, as a first-generation college student and mechanical engineering major. 

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