About Talent Search

A black high school male looks forward. He is wearing a black ballcap sideways and a tie dye hoody while leaning against a rusted chain link fence. An Asian female student looks forward She has dark eyes and hair and stands in front of red berry bushes.  A multi-racial middle school female looks forward while leaning against a light post base with peeling red paint. She wears her hair half up and away from her face in long blonde faux locs that go past her white colored tan and maroon striped polo.

Talent Search is a Federal TRIO Program dedicated to academically motivated potential first-generation and low-income individuals who have the capacity to succeed in higher education.

Our counselors work with over 2,000 Pennsylvania middle and high school students a year to provide services, information, and guidance for post-secondary education after high school.

Penn State Talent Search Programs consist of three federally funded grants that collectively serve eight school districts across the Commonwealth.


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  • Apply for Services
    Available, primarily to students who are from low-income households, and whose parents did not go to college, but anyone can apply.
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