Schools Served

The school districts and schools served by Penn State Talent Search Programs.

Image featuring students from each Penn State Talent Search School.  A multiracial underclassman male student with shoulder length brown hair and full short cropped stands in front of a brightly colored graffiti art wall. He wears a read quarter zip sweater. A Black female senior student stands outside on a paved track leaning against a chain link fence facing left. She wears her hair in a long ponytail in the back and is dressed in blue heathered sweats that stay Farrell Track and Field on them in gold lettering.  A Black male senior student leans against a red brick wall facing left. He wears his hair in a top half short cornrow style and is dressed in a black t-shirt with a Freddy Kruger graphic on the front. A Caucasian female senior student sits on a silver metal bridge rail overlooking a creek and parking lot laughing and looking left. She has a large floral tattoo on her left shoulder, a flock of flying birds on her left forearm, and a text tattoos on her right bicep. Her hair is brown and in a tight low bun, She wears a brown halter style drop top and black flared yoga pants with white sneakers. A Caucasian male underclassman stands along a line of evergreen trees. His hair is worn in a short style with a front flip. He is wearing a black sweatshirt with a small Nike logo in the top right corner. A Black female senior stands in front of her grey brick high school facing left. Her hair is long and hangs below her shoulders. She wears a magenta button up dress with collar and double front pockets with a short gold chain necklace. A Black male senior sits on a concrete bench in front of purple flowers with facing right with his left arm outstretched, wearing a single thing gold bracelet. He wears a high-top hairstyles and thin mustache. He is dressed in a black button-down shirt and black pants with brown leather shoes A multiracial female underclassman leans on a concrete pillar with her right hand on her hip in front of a red brick wall. She has dark blond, coiled hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a black hoody and florescent blue pants.

Aliquippa School District
Serving Aliquippa Junior / Senior High School
Counselor, Joneatra Florence,  |  412-305-1547

Clairton School District
Serving Clairton Middle-High School
Counselor, George Tatone,  |  412-223-4182

Farrell Area School District
Serving Farrell Middle and High School
Counselor, Christal Graham-Jones,  |  724-983-4023

McKeesport Area School District
Serving McKeesport High School
Counselor, Karen Sheffield,  |  412-664-3688 ext. 3688

Serving McKeesport Middle School
Counselor, Angelique Holmes,  |  412-267-7711

New Castle Area School District
Serving New Castle Junior and Senior High School
Counselor, Nicole Summers,  |  724-656-4700 ext. 1127

New Kensington-Arnold School District
Serving New Kensington-Arnold Valley Junior-Senior High School
Counselor, Kelli Canonge,  |  724-337-4536 ext. 1085

School District of the City of York
William Penn Senior High School
Counselor, Gloria Swanson,  |  717-849-1218 ext. 124

Serving grades 6 through 8
Counselor, Angelymar Peralta-Torres,  |  717-771-4146

Schools include:

  • Davis K-8
  • Devers K-8
  • Ferguson K-8
  • Goode K-8
  • Hannah Penn K-8
  • Jackson K-8
  • McKinley K-8
  • STEAM Academy

Sharon City School District
Serving Sharon Junior-Senior High School
Counselor, Christal Graham-Jones,  |  724-983-4023