Future Students

A Black middle school aged male stands with his arms crossed, smiling, in front of a forked sidewalk and large yellow brick school building. He wears an orange sweater on top of a blue collared shirt with a black watch and wide black rimmed glasses Two Black female senior students stand in a green wooded area. The student on the left wears her hair in a long faux locs style, small stud earrings, and a navy t-shirt with gold lettering. On the right, the student wears her natural hair in a low fun, a black shirt, and thin silver chain. A Caucasian female underclassman sits on concrete steps in front of a silver chain link fence and red brick building. Her shoulder length hair is dyed red. She wears a fawn colored jumper with silver fasteners over a cream colored collared blouse adorned with brightly colored mushrooms, A Caucasian male senior student stands in front of a baseball field and silver chainlink fence. He has strawberry blond curly hair and thin mustache. Both of his ears are pieced and sport diamond studs. He wears a white t-shirt with a tiger in a graduation cap, while tossing a baseball overhead with a red and blue stripped baseball glove.

Schools Served

Talent Search includes eight high schools across Pennsylvania.

Apply for Services

Talent Search is primarily available to students who are from low-income households, and whose parents did not go to college, but anyone can apply.

Meet our Counselors

Our Talent Search counselor team works diligently to provide thousands of Commonwealth students with opportunities to increase their career knowledge and assist them in matriculating to some form of post-secondary education.