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Available, primarily to students who are from low-income households, and whose parents did not go to college, but anyone can apply.

A Black female senior student looks right, standing in front of a green wooded area. She wears her long hair down. Her ears have two piercings, which both sport diamond studs and she wears a bleached black tie-dye shirt with large white letter outlines on the chest. A middle school aged Caucasian male stands against a blue chain-link fence facing forward. His blond hair is cut short, a sun flare enters the picture above it. He wears a blue and black winter jacket with the hood down.  A middle school aged Black male stands in front of a green chain-link fence along a snowy hillside facing forward. His dark hair is styled in a small afro style. He wears a black jacket, open and dotted with snow over his dark green polo shirt.

Is your school on the list?

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Information Needed

  • Your family’s current taxable income from most current tax return. (not adjusted gross income). This information is kept confidential.
  • Are you a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or in the process of applying for citizenship?
  • Do you want to attend college or get a certification after high school?

Apply Online

Or, Download the Request for Service Application in English or Spanish and submit it to your high school Talent Search counselor to begin your journey.