Our counselors work with over 2,000 Pennsylvania middle and high school students a year to provide services, information, and guidance for their education after high school.

Talent Search is one of the Federal TRIO Programs dedicated to assisting high school students in furthering their education after high school.

Who is eligible to receive services?

Talent Search is primarily available to students who are from low-income households, and whose parents did not go to college, but anyone can apply.

Seated on a sidewalk, a middle school black male with short hair and large dark colored eyeglasses uses a white plastic spoon catapult a white Styrofoam ball into the air. He is wearing black Beats headphones around his neck, a mustard yellow shirt, and white air jordans with black laces and details. Standing in wooded area, a Hispanic high school female stands with her hands folded at waist level. She has dark eyes and dark wavy hair and is smiling. She wears an open white cardigan, blank tank top, and black, white and blue checked pants.  A high school black male with a high top hair style  and black hoody smiles. Two Hispanic female high school students stand together. On the left, the student has straight hair, large light framed eyeglasses, and a black shirt. On the right, she has lose curls, and wears a white tshirt beneath a red and black plaid shirt.  A Hispanic female high school student looks left. She has chestnut colored straight hair and wears a grey shirt.  An Asian high school male leans on a red and black stone wall while looking left. He wears a grey and white thing horizontal striped hoody with a large check black and while flannel overtop. His left hand is in the pocket of his jeans.  About: A black high school male looks forward. He is wearing a black ballcap sideways and a tie dye hoody while leaning against a rusted chain link fence. An Asian female student looks forward She has dark eyes and hair and stands in front of red berry bushes.  A multi-racial middle school female looks forward while leaning against a light post base with peeling red paint. She wears her hair half up and away from her face in long blonde faux locs that go past her white colored tan and maroon striped polo.

Our Impact

35,088 students served

Students have been served through Penn State’s Talent Search Programs since 1992.

Students matriculated into post-secondary education

Penn State Talent Search participants have matriculated into post-secondary education
since 1998.


Average cost per student for 2020-2021 academic year

Average cost per participant,
2020-2021 Academic Year.