I’d say my grandma had the biggest impact on my life. She told me things that set a lot of principles in my life. She taught me a lot. I was with my grandma when my mom was at work, so I’d be there most of the time growing up. One of the big ones was to treat others the way you want to be treated. I feel like even if somebody doesn’t like you, you can still do something nice. It doesn’t make you any better to do something bad toward them. You know? If she were still here, I think she’d be really proud to see me graduating.  

Bryce is a 2023 graduate of New Castle Senior High School where he was active in Penn State Talent Search during his senior year. Bryce was also a member of the Varsity Track and Field and Football teams. He was voted Homecoming King by his peers.  This fall, Bryce will be attending Kent State University as a first-generation college student majoring in entrepreneurship. He received the Presidential Achievement Award to help fund his studies there. After graduating, Bryce looks forward to being self-employed and investing his time and energy into ideas that he is passionate about. 

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