You want to hear a funny story? I was committed to somewhere before St. Vincent. I was committed to Morgan State, but I think that $0.00 is better than paying $17,000.00 a year. I also would be walking on at Morgan State to play football. Instead, St. Vincent, they recruited me. They were one of the first schools to see my talent in football and wanted to give me a chance. I think that would be a better opportunity that would be sports related. And, they have a really good science program. On May 1, I committed to Morgan right here in the Talent Search office. I got the offer from St. Vincent on May 3 and the email offer said they were paying for a full ride. It’s a combined academic and athletic scholarship and the coach texted me saying this was one of the biggest offers I would receive. He encouraged me to come there.  

Devon is a 2023 graduate of Clairton Middle/High School where he was Class President and graduated in the Top Ten of his class. He was a member of NHS and Penn State Talent Search and took rigorous classes. Devon was a student athlete who played Varsity Football and Basketball, serving as a captain on both teams. He also was presented with a leadership award for basketball. As a result of his accomplishments, Devon was awarded a multitude of scholarships from his community and school of choice. This fall he will be attending St. Vincent College, where he has been awarded a full ride scholarship to study biology and play football. After earning his undergraduate degree, Devon hopes to further his studies in pursuit of becoming a physician assistant.  

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