My family is from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. I am most proud of our heritage and culture and that everyone I know from there has good values. I am proud to be someone who is honest, respectful, kind, and humble. I like to dedicate my mind to doing something and doing it well.  I think it good for someone to have those main values because it is the steppingstone to being a good person, a good employee, in any career you go into. That’s why I take pride in being those things first.  

Wilmer participated in Penn State Talent Search during his time in middle school at Hannah Penn. He really enjoyed the trips that students got to take, with the trip to University Park to experience Envision and build a 3D printed model of a rover having been his favorite. In America, he has enjoyed access to advanced technology and hopes to someday work in robotics because he loves learning how things work. To help make this dream a reality, Wilmer chose to attend the York County School of Technology for high school.  

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