Being a part of STEAM, I definitely gained some motivation. It was really different from being at my old school where I would say it was kind of a free roam type of school. STEAM was definitely inclusive and had a lot of different people and different opportunities to work with. They cared. I had this one teacher who was on my butt about everything, and the thing is he was as substitute teacher for Mr. Renner and was always asking me if I had turned in this or that. It was crazy. It just gave me a little drive, I would say, to get in all my work so the teachers would stop bugging me. Once I did it though, I didn’t have anything to worry about and I would say I carried that with me throughout high school.

Brazyl is a 2022 graduate of William Penn Senior High School and is part of the first cohort of students to graduate after attending Smith STEAM Academy. During her senior year she took Honors Anatomy, was a volunteer assistant soccer coach, and participated in Penn State Talent Search. Brazyl appreciated that her counselor Miss Gloria was someone she could always reach out to if she really needed anything and that through college tours, scholarship applications, and conversations with the program staff she was able to find out what she really liked. Brazyl is currently attending York College of Pennsylvania as part of the We Promise Program, which covers the cost of her tuition, studying criminal justice and hopes to be among the first in her family to earn a four-year degree. After college, she wants to work for a government agency to stop people who are doing wrong in the world.

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