Being bilingual feels very amazing actually. I feel proud of myself that I speak two languages and that I’m from Egypt. My mom and I speak Arabic at home, but I’ve always been in McKeesport. Arabic culture has a lot of different things, and it is way different than the American culture, like a lot. [In Arabic culture] you speak a lot of things and believe in a lot of things and the holidays are way different, way cooler. My favorite holiday is Eid. During Ramadan you would fast for 30 days from sunrise to sunset and then on the thirty-first day you would break your fast and we would all celebrate. It is hard. When I was younger my mom would teach me to fast for an hour and the next day it would be two. In school it is very hard to pay attention because you are always getting sleepy and tired; sometimes at lunch when you see the food you just want to eat it and you can’t. Fasting has taught me to be patient and wait; that it is okay to wait and that sometimes things are more rewarding when you wait for it. Food tastes better during Ramadan.

Lugi is a first-generation American citizen and is a member of McKeesport Area School District’s graduating class of 2026. She takes great pride in her academic excellence. Lugi also plays saxophone in the band and violin in the orchestra, is a member of the volleyball team, and has been a Girl Scout for the better part of the last decade. Lugi is a proud member of the Talent Search Program and appreciates how helpful her counselor, Ms. Lusk, has been in helping her explore careers through engaging workshops and individual informational meetings. Lugi finds herself inspired by the working women in her family and has interest in studying law or computer engineering.

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