My dad is a landscaper all around the city, and when I was younger, I would work with him. We would go to Oakland a lot and I would see the students come out of classes, all of them in their Pitt gear. I remember how focused, happy, and driven they were. I wanted that for myself, to be in college where it was just me versus me. Pitt has always been a dream school, a whole different setting, where you get to meet a lot of different people from different cultures. When you visit a college campus, you know when a college is right for you and when I went to Pitt, it was a moment of this is where I belong. After I was accepted, my parents and I scheduled a visit for a Saturday morning. We toured the School of Nursing and we saw the simulation rooms and bio rooms and I could just feel that I belonged there. When I got my official acceptance letter and again when I got the scholarship, everyone was crying happy tears. I am honestly grateful and very humbled because not a lot of kids from my area get this opportunity. I am proud to say that yes, I have a full academic scholarship from the University of Pittsburgh. I want this to motivate others and not make them feel inferior, because they can do this too, no matter where they are from.

Mya is a 2022 graduate of Clairton Middle/High School where she graduated third in her class. She was an active student and participated in Talent Search, National Honor Society, and the Will Allen Foundation at CMU. During her senior year she was working on finishing her fourth certification through the university. Mya was also a student athlete and participated in basketball and track and field for Clairton. Mya is currently attending the University of Pittsburgh as a first-generation college student and the recipient of the Adena Johnson Davis Scholarship, majoring in Physician Assistant Studies and specializing in psychiatric health.

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