The thing that played the largest role in my life is when my dad died when I was little, seven years old. It wasn’t sudden, he was killed by his best friend, and I found out two days after he died. I didn’t really do anything; it was terrible.  I was just in my room sleeping the whole time. Just having friends and making new friends helped me get out of my grief. I forgive everybody. When some people bring up dads, I try to show interest. One of my uncles has been helping me out and I hang out with him. Just having fun outside and playing basketball is something I wish I could have done more with my dad. I do it with my uncle now. I try to honor him by having fun like he did and going forward to college.

Riian is part of New Castle Jr./Sr. High School’s class of 2024 who is involved in the Talent Search Program. The things he enjoys most about the school day are time with friends and English class. Riian’s favorite thing about his counselor, Miss Ingrid, is that she is understanding and helpful. She is also interested in helping him seek higher education. Riian hopes to enter a training program after high school that will help him have a career in technology and electronics.

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