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Transitioning Between Penn State's Campuses

Penn State is a multi-campus system across Pennsylvania. While some students choose to complete their degrees at a single campus, more than 50 percent of students spend their first two years at one campus and transition to another for their final two years.

This transition between two campuses is called the 2+2 plan. Students who are registered with Student Disability Resources and choose to change campuses can receive accommodations at any Penn State campus. Every campus has a disability services office and associated Campus Disability Coordinator who is prepared to assist students with the change-of-campus process.

Students who are interested in changing campuses and desire continued delivery of accommodations through Student Disability Resources should do the following:

  1. Contact their current Campus Disability Coordinator to discuss their transition to another Penn State campus
  2. Schedule a time to meet with the Campus Disability Coordinator at the new campus prior to the start of classes following the campus change

While all Penn State campus disability services offices are consistent in their available accommodations, they may differ in their actual implementation.  Students can discuss this with the Campus Disability Coordinator prior to or after changing Penn State campuses.