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Submit your disability documentation and verification forms to us online

This service is available for students at any Penn State campus.

This service is only available to current students and those that have applied to, or have been accepted, to Penn State.

Please Do Not Email

Given the sensitive and personal information contained in disability documentation, Student Disability Resources strongly discourages the use of email to provide us with documentation. Email is not secure. We are not responsible if your information is compromised due to you sending us documentation via email.

Other recommended methods of providing your documentation are:

  • In-person drop-off
  • Fax
  • U.S. Postal Mail


When accessing the Secure Upload Tool, if you receive an "Internal Service Error" or "Proxy Error" message, please try using a different web browser or using a private browser window (sometimes called an "Incognito" browser window). This is an intermittent problem that we are aware of and are working on identifying a solution. We apologize for any inconvenience.

For any other technical issues with the Secure Upload Tool, please contact our software development team.


Securely Upload Your Documentation