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Considering Penn State

Each year more students plan to attend institutions of higher education, such as Penn State. Students with disabilities entering college need to be well informed about changes in their rights and responsibilities as well as the rights and responsibilities afforded by the University. A student who is well informed will help to ensure a full opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the postsecondary education experience without confusion or delay. Future students with disabilities are encouraged to contact or visit the Student Disability Resources in their junior or senior years in high school in order to find out more about disability services at the college level.

There is often a misperception by students entering college and their parents that postsecondary schools and school districts have the same responsibilities in providing reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. While there are some similarities, the responsibilities of postsecondary schools are significantly different from those of school districts at the secondary level. Also, the responsibilities of students with disabilities are significantly different as well.

A student with a disability who is considering a postsecondary education at Penn State is encouraged to read all information contained in this web site.  This will provide a better understanding of the policies and procedures regarding services for students with disabilities at the University. For contact information for each Penn State disability services office go to the following link: Contacts for Disability Resources at all Penn State campuses..  For more information regarding disability services at the University Park campus, contact SDR.