Maguire Scholars Program Application Instructions

Instructions for users filling out the Maguire Scholars Program application

Login for Penn State Users

  • Your Single Sign-On (SSO) is your Penn State user name and password.
  • Use your SSO to log into InfoReady Review.

External Users and Non-SSO sites

External users and internal users for sites without SSO enabled need to register, activate the account via the confirmation email, and log in.

Please register through the 'Login for Other Users' section.
"You must use a Non-Penn State Email Address"

External Users and Non-SSO sites prompt image


You may save your application as a draft. To retrieve your draft, use your Non-Penn State Email Address to log into InfoReady Review, click applications in the top banner, then click the application title (first column) to view your application/draft. Drafts can be deleted by clicking the trash can in the last column.

InfoReady Application History screen capture

Recommendation letter

Applications to the Maguire Scholars program must include a letter of recommendation from a high school teacher, counselor, or community leader who can accurately assess the potential of the applicant to maximize this scholarship opportunity. Ask one of the above professionals for a letter of recommendation, and when they say yes ask for their email address. You will provide their email address in the application. It will trigger an electronic notification to them asking for the reference letter to be uploaded using the embedded link to your application.

Questions or any issues with the the application can be directed to Morgan Okello, Director, Office of Scholars Programs.

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