Milton Hershey School Scholars Program

Honoring Milton Hershey’s commitment to nurturing students in a supportive learning environment.


Milton Hershey Scholars are graduates of the Milton Hershey School, a cost-free, private, co-residential school and home for children from low-income families located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. As students of the Milton Hershey School, they have an opportunity to earn academic scholarships, which may be applied toward college. Students attend various Penn State campuses, including Abington, Berks, Brandywine, Harrisburg, and University Park.

The Milton Hershey School Scholars program provides unique educational opportunities and support to students. In addition to scholarships, Milton Hershey School Scholars are part of the Penn State Educational Equity Scholars Programs community, a group of students who bring diverse perspectives, identities, and interests to Penn State. Milton Hershey Scholars join a cohort of their classmates in a living-learning program in their first year, and receive academic coaching and advocacy from the Office of Scholars Programs and the Multicultural Resource Center, in addition to mentorship within their respective college. 

Demonstrating Penn State’s values of community, respect, responsibility, integrity, excellence, and discovery, Milton Hershey School Scholars embody what it means to be Penn State. The Milton Hershey Scholars program reflects Penn State’s commitment to academic excellence and human advancement by valuing the learning and growth that comes from engaging with a diverse and inclusive community.

Program Contact

Morgan H. Okello, Director, Office of Scholars Programs