Flexibility Accommodations Guide

Guide for faculty on providing flexibility accommodations such as flexible attendance, due dates for assignments, and rescheduling exams/quizzes

Student Disability Resources will work with the faculty of students who have a documented disability that has variable or unpredictable symptoms to allow flexibility in how they meet course requirements without compromising essential course requirements of the course.

Upon receipt of an Academic Accommodation Letter with flexibility accommodations and Flexibility Accommodation Agreement Form from a student; please identify reasonable parameters of flexibility as it relates to course essential requirements in a timely manner. Then return the completed from to SDR and maintain a copy for your records. Contact the student's disability specialist, listed on the Academic Accommodation Letter, if you have questions about how to provide flexibility accommodations.

Flexibility accommodations...

  • are provided to student based on a documented need
  • are based on variable and unpredictable need
  • are not intended to fundamentally alter the essential elements of a course
  • are not intended to be used for every class, every assignment, or every exam/quiz
  • are established based on consultation between the disability specialist, the faculty member, and the student; students cannot unilaterally determine reasonable flexibility
  • should be implemented upon receipt of the Academic Accommodation Letter and Flex Plan
  • do not need to be applied retroactively
  • do not cover non-disability related illnesses or other non-disability related reasons as to why a student missed classes, deadlines, or exams/quizzes (e.g., work, travel, extracurricular activities)
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