Exam Accommodations Guide

Guide for faculty on providing common exam accommodations such as additional time, alternate test formats, and/or a distraction-reduced environment

Due to limited space in the Student Disability Resources exam center, we rely on instructors to provide testing space for students requiring:

  • 50% extended time
  • Exams in alternate formats
  • Distraction-reduced environment

This cooperation from faculty means that our exam center can assist students who need 100% extended time and/or assistive technology, among other accommodations.

Distraction-reduced environment

This type of environment should be different from the normal classroom environment with a full class of students, but it does not need to be silent, separate, or private without other students.

Acceptable spaces may include...

  • an unused classroom
  • a study room in a library
  • a conference room
  • an instructor’s office
Note: The instructor is not required to provide test accommodations unless the student has presented a current academic accommodation letter and has discussed the arrangements for the test accommodations.
Instructors are not required to honor last minute requests.

Student responsibilities

Students must do the following to receive test accommodations through their instructor:

  • Schedule a private meeting with the instructor
  • Present the academic accommodation letter to the instructor as soon as it is received from Student Disability Resources
  • Discuss the test accommodations stated in the letter
  • Make arrangements with the instructor for every test or quiz requiring test accommodations
    • i.e., if you need a quiet separate room for testing, discuss how this will occur
  • Leave the meeting with an understanding of the arrangements for test accommodations
  • Notify the instructor at least six (6) days prior to every test or quiz in order to arrange test accommodations