A note-taking tool that allows students to record lectures and receive detailed notes shortly after class.

Who can use Jamworks?

Students affiliated with with Student Disability Resources (SDR) and approved for note-taking accommodations can request a Jamworks account.

Requesting access

Students affiliated with Student Disability Resources (SDR) who meet the criteria above, can request an account after accepting the Student Classroom Recording Agreement.

Access is typically provided within seven days of submitting the request.

Jamworks Onboarding

Students will receive an email from Jamworks after SDR establishes the requested account. The email describes setting up an account password.

Important: Jamworks accounts are not tied to Penn State usernames and the password established should be different than your Penn State account password.

Accessing Jamworks

Jamworks can be accessed via jamworks.com

Supported Platforms

Jamworks can be accessed via the web, Windows, Mac, and iOS.

Download Recording Applications

Download the recording app for Windows or Mac using the button below and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

Download the latest version

    Training Resources

    Once SDR establishes a Jamworks account, the student will receive an email from Jamworks that includes helpful links and information. This information, in addition to a tour of the program, can also be accessed via logging into your Jamworks account.

    Note: Emails from Jamworks are sometimes sent to spam by mistake.

    New users also receive an email from Lewis who is the Community Manager at Jamworks. There is a calendar link in that email that allows students to schedule a one-on-one training session.

    The Getting Started with Jamworks documentation resources also provides support for users.

    Feature Availability

    Student Disability Resources (SDR) provides core note-taking services through Jamworks. Additional tools promoted by Jamworks, including JamQuiz and JamAI tutor chatbot, are not available with the licenses provided by our office.

    Getting Support

    • Students approved for note-taking accommodations who have questions about requesting access to, or logging into Jamworks should contact their local disability services office (i.e., the person who approved your accommodations) for assistance.
    • SDR students with a Jamworks account can reach out to Jamworks support using the in-app chat feature to ask questions about how to use the app.