9th Grade Checklist

Things to consider for 9th grade students with a disability and their parents when preparing for a post-secondary education

Students should...

  • Attend and be involved in IEP meetings with parents, teachers and special education personnel.
  • Ask the school about career assessments and exploration programs at the high school (e.g., Does the school provide career counseling or testing?).
  • Meet with guidance counselors about courses required for college or post-secondary school (i.e., Foreign Language, Math, English, Science, etc).
  • Discuss plans and goals with parents (What will I do after high school?).  Discuss the costs related to plans and goals.
  • Meet with guidance counselors about future plans.
  • Obtain post-secondary school and college brochures.
  • Search Web sites for colleges and post-secondary schools to learn more about
    • course requirements
    • potential majors
    • costs
    • services for students with disabilities
    • living arrangements
    • activities
    • student life

Parents should...

  • Become involved with or remain involved with their child’s IEP process.
  • Discuss career goals and college plans with their child.