Changing Campuses

Every Penn State campus has an office that provides services to students with disabilities so regardless of whether you only ever attend one campus or you attend more than one, we have you covered.

While all Penn State campus disability services offices are consistent in their available accommodations, they may differ in their actual implementation. As a result, you will need to meet with the disability coordinator at the new campus to review your information and discuss any differences with the actual implementation of your accommodations.

Steps to changing campuses

Once you know you will be changing campuses:

  1. Contact your current disability coordinator and let them know which campus you are changing to.
  2. Contact the Student Disability Resources office at your new campus and schedule an initial appointment.


Disability coordinators at any campus have access to your records and the documentation you provide to make the process of moving from one campus to another or taking a course at an alternate campus as easy as possible.

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