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Instructor Administered Test Adjustment Procedures

Fifty percent additional time, alternate test formats, and/or a separate room for tests and/or quizzes are administered by the course instructor

Students must do the following to receive test accommodations through their instructor:

  • Schedule a private meeting with the instructor
  • Present the academic adjustment letter to the instructor as soon as it is received from Student Disability Resources
  • Discuss the test adjustments stated in the academic adjustment letter
  • Make arrangements with the instructor for every test or quiz requiring test adjustments (i.e., if you need a quiet separate room for testing, discuss how this will occur)
  • Leave the meeting with an understanding of the arrangements for test adjustments
  • Notify the instructor at least four (4) working days prior to every test or quiz in order to arrange test adjustments


Note: The instructor is not required to provide test adjustments unless the student has presented a current academic adjustment letter and has discussed the arrangements for the test adjustments. Instructors are not required to honor last minute requests.

As per the test adjustment policy approved by the Administrative Council on Undergraduate Education in January 1996, it is the responsibility of the student's instructor to provide academic adjustments of 50 percent more time, alternate format and/or a separate room for tests or quizzes.