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Instructor Administered Test Accommodation Procedures

Fifty percent additional time, alternate test formats, and/or a separate room for tests and/or quizzes are administered by the course instructor

Students must do the following to receive test accommodations through their instructor:

  • Present the academic accommodation letter to the instructor as soon as it is received from Student Disability Resources
  • Discuss the test accommodations stated in the academic accommodation letter
  • Leave the meeting with an understanding of the arrangements for test accommodations


Note: The instructor is not required to provide test accommodations unless the student has presented a current academic accommodation letter and has discussed the arrangements for the test accommodations. Instructors are not required to honor last minute requests.

Student Disability Resources relies on instructors to provide a distraction-reduced testing space for students requiring 50% extended time accommodation because Student Disability Resources has limited test space that is dedicated to students requiring additional test accommodations (e.g., 100% time, and/or assistive technology). Possible spaces may include an available classroom, a study room in a library, a conference room, or an instructor’s office.