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How to Register with Student Disability Resources

There are two steps in registering with Student Disability Resources:

  1. Participating in an intake and
  2. Submitting documentation.
  • Please call Student Disability Resources at 814-863-1807 to schedule an intake. This initial meeting will help us to get to know each student individually regardless of whether he or she has documentation in hand at that time. The intake will take about an hour and should not be scheduled during class time. If needed, this meeting can be completed by phone.
  • Review our Documentation Guidelines and submit appropriate documentation of disability to Student Disability Resources. The documentation serves to support or build on both our intake with the student and our professional judgment about each student’s needs. 

Students will register with the Student Disability Resources office at the Penn State campus location they are attending. 

Documentation should be submitted to the appropriate campus Student Disability Resources office. The associated campus Student Disability Resources Coordinator should be contacted to schedule an intake appointment.