Military-Connected Student Insurance and Medical Information

Penn State is dedicated to ensuring that military-connected students have access to comprehensive healthcare options.

Healthcare Access for Military-Connected Students at Penn State

Depending on your campus location and the available services in the area, various healthcare access options are provided for those in Pennsylvania, including VA medical facilities, Military Treatment Facilities (MTF), TRICARE, CHAMPVA providers, Pennie (PA's healthcare marketplace), and PA Medical Assistance.

University Health Services (UHS) and Insurance

UHS accepts both TRICARE and CHAMPVA benefits, albeit as an out-of-network provider, which may result in higher co-pays. Before visiting UHS, it’s recommended to contact your insurance to understand the specifics of your coverage, including co-pays and deductibles. To use UHS services, you’ll need to provide proof of coverage through one of the following:

  • US Uniformed Services ID card
  • TRICARE proof of insurance letter (available on the TRICARE website)
  • Veteran Health Identification Card (VHIC), with information available on the VA Health Benefits website

Military-Connected Students with VA Health Benefits or TRICARE

Upon admission, students with VA Health Benefits and/or TRICARE must complete the insurance waiver on LionPATH as follows:

  1. Log into LionPATH.
  2. Select “My Information”.
  3. Select “Health Insurance”.
  4. Click “Waive”.
  5. Enter your policy details as follows:

    • Student information: Should be pre-populated.
    • Waiver Questions: Answer “Yes” to questions 1-8.
    • Are you a graduate assistant/fellow?: Answer Yes or No.
    • Insurance Company Name: VA Benefits or TRICARE.
    • Member ID Number: Use TRICARE or US Uniformed Services ID card.
    • Group Number: Use TRICARE or US Uniformed Services ID card.
    • Is your Insurance Plan part of a Medicaid Program?: No.
    • Policy Holder First Name: Enter the Veteran/Servicemember’s first name.
    • Policy Holder Last Name: Enter the Veteran/Servicemember’s last name.
    • Policy Holder Date of Birth: Enter the Veteran/Servicemember’s date of birth.
    • Policy Holder Member ID Number: Use TRICARE or US Uniformed Services ID card.
    • Insurance Company Phone Number: Enter as appropriate.
    • Insurance Company Address: Enter as appropriate.
    • City: Must be in the United States.
    • State: Enter as appropriate.
    • Zip Code: Enter as appropriate.
    • Type of insurance plan: Select VA Benefits or TRICARE.

What Happens When a Military Dependent Turns 21 and is still a Full-Time Student?

Military Dependent ID Cards Expire

  • A military dependent’s ID card expires on his/her 21st birthday and must renew his/her military ID. The following forms at minimum will need to be provided. *
    • DD Form 1172-2
    • Proof of enrollment as a full-time student. This can be accessed in LionPATH. Enrollment Verifications | Penn State Office of the University Registrar (
      • You may request your verification using one of three methods:
        • Online using LionPATH. Select "Academic Records" and then "Enrollment Verification." From here you may:
        • Request an official copy of your verification to be mailed to you or a third-party. ("Request Institution to Mail")
        • Produces an official verification to be mailed the following business day by U.S. first-class mail (International addresses via air mail.
        • View and print an unofficial copy of your verification. ("Allow to Print from My Browser")
        • If you are supplying the verification in response to a request from a third party, you should first ensure that an unofficial copy is acceptable to the requestor. Otherwise, request an official copy to be mailed directly to the requestor or direct the requestor to the National Student Clearinghouse, Penn State's authorized provider of verifications to third parties.
        • By fax or mail
        • Complete the Enrollment Verification Form or send a letter.
        • Mail to: Office of the University Registrar, Transcript/Verification Department, 112 Shields Building, University Park, PA 16802-1271 or
        • Fax to: 814-863-1929
        • Maximum three business day response from receipt of request to mailing by U.S. first-class mail (International address via air mail).
        • Requestor will not be notified of either receipt or completion of their request.
        • Special mailing services available for a fee (instructions below).
        • In person at the Office of the University Registrar in 112 Shields Building, University Park campus.

*Please refer to the local RAPIDs office to confirm the required documentation.   ID Card Office Online ( and to make an appointment.


The State College Air National Guard Unit near University Park Airport occasionally offers these services. SSgt Amanda Hannah is their point of contact for assistance and can be reached at 814-235-5100.

Tricare Options

  • Military dependents can get TRICARE until their 23rd birthday or graduation (whichever is first) if enrolled full time at an approved college. The sponsor must provide at least 50% of the child's financial support while in college.
  • Health plans and how dependents get care depend on the sponsor's military status and where they go to college.
  • Contact an ID card officeto see what documents are needed to extend benefits beyond the 21st birthday.
  • After turning 23 or graduating, dependents may qualify to purchase TRICARE Young Adult.
  • If the dependent doesn’t purchase TRICARE Young Adult, he or she can purchase the Continued Health Care Benefit Program.

See Tricare’s website for further information.  Children Becoming Adults | TRICARE.

University Park TRICARE Participation

At University Park, the University Pharmacy and Ambulance Service participates in the TRICARE program. UHS has a contract only with Tricare East Standard; individuals with Tricare Prime will need a referral, and those with Tricare West must switch to the east region.

Military-Connected Students without Health Care Coverage

Students without healthcare coverage are strongly encouraged to explore options available through Penn State, third-party providers, Pennie (PA's official health insurance marketplace), or PA Medical Assistance. These options provide a range of coverage choices suitable for various needs and budgets.

Additional Resources

  • TRICARE and VA Coverage: For assistance with specific plan details, please contact our office directly.
  • PA Medical Assistance: Pennsylvania offers several healthcare programs designed to ensure accessible and affordable medical care for its residents: Application details are available at
    • Medicaid: Medicaid is a state and federally funded program providing health coverage to eligible individuals and families.  Note: For many Medicaid eligibility categories, payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs, such as Veteran's disability benefits, GI Bill® housing and subsistence allowances, and aid and attendance allowances, are not counted as income.
    • Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities (MAWD): MAWD offers health care coverage for individuals who do not meet Medicaid income criteria and are working with a disability. More information about eligibility and how to apply can be found on the COMPASS website.
    • Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP): CHIP provides comprehensive health coverage to uninsured children and teenagers up to 19 years of age, making it a vital resource for students who have dependents. Details on how to apply for CHIP are available on the COMPASS website.
    • Pennie - PA's Health Insurance Marketplace: Explore health insurance options available through Pennie for comprehensive coverage. Visit the Pennie website for more information and to apply:
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): Penn State CAPS offers a range of services to support the mental and emotional well-being of Penn State veteran students, including individual therapy, couples counseling, crisis intervention, and stress management resources. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit the CAPS website at CAPS Resources for Veterans

Additional Assistance options

    • SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program): Information for SNAP for College Students can be found here.  Note: Financial aid and/or work-study earnings are not counted toward income limit.   Apply through
    • Heating Assistance/ Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP):  LIHEAP aids college students who are permanent residents of Pennsylvania and who own or rent an apartment/house in the county of their school. To apply for LIHEAP or learn more about the program, visit

Military ID Renewal:

    • For renewal of Military IDs, the State College Air National Guard Unit near University Park Airport occasionally offers these services. SSgt Amanda Hannah is their point of contact for assistance and can be reached at 814-235-5100. Additionally, an ID Card Office locator is available online for more locations and information at