Licensed Vendors / Promotional Merchandise

All promotional merchandise must be purchased through a licensed Penn State vendor and must follow Penn State visual identity standards.

This pertains to all merchandise whether it is intended for sale or as a give-away item. Promotional merchandise includes totes, pens, mugs, hats, clothing, bags, portfolios, key chains, luggage tags, table throws, etc. 

A listing for licensed vendors at Penn State can be found on the IMG College Licensing website.
All designs for promotional merchandise produced by the units in Educational Equity must undergo Editorial and Visual review to ensure appropriate guidelines are followed per University policy before they are sent to a University approved vendor.
Merchandising items MUST include either the Penn State word mark (Tier One) with Registration Mark, or the Penn State word mark logo lock-up with Registration Mark and the inclusion of the Educational Equity text (Tier Two).
You may also find helpful information provided by the Office of Licensing Programs at Penn State.