Penn State / Educational Equity Unit T3 Brand Identity

All units in Educational Equity are to use their individual (Tier 3 Brand Identity) on all print collateral and promotional materials (e.g., stationery, mugs, T-shirts, pens).

Educational Equity / Unit Tier 3 (T3) brand identities are "locked" and should not be modified. The image below displays the Office of Veterans Programs T3 identity. There are color variations available including a version with registration mark designed for promotional and merchandising materials.

Please contact the Multimedia Specialist to receive a T3 version for your unit.


T3 Veterans Logo Lockup

Example above displays the Educational Equity and Unit T3 brand identity for Office of Veterans Programs.

Individual unit logos generally are not permitted. Exceptions and special needs for unit identities will be handled through the Office of the Vice President for Strategic Communications. No logos, word marks, or identity symbols incorporating the name of the unit or University may be developed without prior approval from the Office of the Vice President for Strategic Communications.

Information about the University’s institutional graphic identity system, and guidelines for using the University mark, is available at Penn State's Visual and Brand Identities.