Penn State / Educational Equity T2 Brand Identity

Penn State / Ed Equity T2 logo

The Tier 2 brand identity is designed to identify Penn State University and its association with a Campus, College, and/or Administrative Office. The Tier 2 brand identity for Educational Equity is considered the main identity for the Office of the Vice Provost for Educational Equity.

  • All units in Educational Equity (e.g., Student Disability Resources, Office of Veterans Programs, etc.), are to use the Educational Equity Tier 2 brand identity in conjunction with their office name creating the (Tier 3 brand identity) on all print collateral, electronic communications, and merchandising such as stationery, mugs, T-shirts, tote pages, etc. 

  • All promotional items produced as merchandising products in Educational Equity must include the Registration Mark (Circle R), at the end of the Penn State logo in conjunction with the associating T2 or T3 brand identities. You may reach out to the Multimedia Specialist for access to this brand identity specific to your unit name.