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Information for Faculty

Handbook for faculty and instructors working with students with disabilities

General Information

Accommodating Students with Disabilities

Academic Accommodation Letter

Every student seeking classroom accommodations is required to obtain a new Academic Accommodation Letter (sample) at the beginning of each semester from their campus disability resources office. The letter contains suggested classroom accommodations for the student based on their documented disability.

It is the student's responsibility to present their accommodation letter to you, their instructor, as early in the semester as possible so that accommodation procedures are clear to both the instructor and the student.


The accommodations appropriate for a student's documented disability will be outlined in their academic accommodation letter. In addition to commonly utilized accommodations by disability type that are granted to students, consideration adjustments involving attendance, deadlines, and rescheduling of exams can also be included in the letter.

Instructors are encouraged to contact the Student Disability Resources staff member that signed the academic accommodation letter if there are any questions regarding the suggested accommodations listed in the letter.

Student Disability Resources is here to help faculty with:

  • any concerns or difficulties associated with the student
  • suggestions or advice in regard to working with the student in the classroom

Student Disability Resources will:

  • not disclose the nature of the disability or any other information regarding the student without written permission from the student
  • only disclose information related to the accommodation(s) in the classroom and not specific information regarding the student's disability

Class Preparation

Emergency Evacuations

Policies and Laws

Other Disability-Related Resources