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Our Talent Search Counselors

Talent Search Counselor ImageOur Talent Search counselor team works diligently to provide thousands of Commonwealth students with opportunities to increase their career knowledge and assist them in matriculating to some form of post-secondary education.

Contact your home school counselor to learn more about the opportunities provided by the Talent Search program today!

Our counselors

Kelli Canonge

Valley Junior/Senior High School New Kensington-Arnold School District

Kelli Canonge - Read More…

Christal Graham-Jones

Farrell and Sharon Area School Districts

Christal Graham-Jones - Read More…

Autumn Lusk

Founders' Hall Middle School

Autumn Lusk - Read More…

Karen Sheffield

Aliquippa Junior/Senior High School

Karen Sheffield - Read More…

George Tatone

Clairton Middle-High School

George Tatone - Read More…

Angelymar Peralta Torres

Talent Search York, Edgar Fahs Smith STEAM Academy

Angelymar Peralta Torres - Read More…